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Merus A2-Series

Merus A2-Series Modular and super compact active harmonic fitering and dynamic reactive power compensation solution.





Power quality can affect the overall companyActive Harmonic Filter Merus Power (2) performance, which is a fact easily overlooked by the management. Merus active harmonic fiters provide a quick return on your investment.

The quick and effective response of Merus active harmonic fiters to power system variations enables higher process reliability, longer equipment life, reduced energy losses and better productivity.

Italso makes it easy to comply with global power quality standards and demanding grid codes.

Rise of non-linear and other challenging loads in modern electrical networks present unique power quality challenges. Sensitive operations, challenging loads and isolated or weaker grids demand stricter grid codes and power quality standards to safeguard the reliability of an electrical system for smooth industrial and commercial processes.

Harmonics distortions, voltage variations, poor power factor and load unbalance are among the key elements that not only test the reliability of modern electrical systems but also induce overall greater system losses.


  • Energy savings
  • Higher productivity
  • Reliable plant operation at reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer lifetime of electrical and process equipment
  • Additional capacity in existing electrical network
  • Compliance with IEEE 519, G5/4, IEC 61000 3-2, 3-4 or any other power quality standards and recommendations
  • Quick return on investment




Merus A2-Series Active Filters save money by improving power quality, increasing process
reliability and productivity while helping to comply with the power quality standards.

Merus A2-Series Active Filters are designed for dynamic reactive power compensation and
harmonic fitering.

They provide an effiient solution for power quality applications in commercial and industrial facilities as well as in infrastructure.

Merus A2-series combines state-of-the-art controller built on modern 3-level topology, 7” touch-screen user interface and modular technical design, resulting in a fast, reliable and compact device that is easy to operate and complies with all standard communication



Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters are connected parallel to the loads. They
sense the harmonic distortions created by the non-linear loads in the network
and provide effective and real time response to cancel harmonic distortions.

Merus A2-series active fiters ensure guaranteed compliance with the harmonic
distortions limits specifid in IEEE 519, G5/4, IEC 61000 and other power quality
standards and recommendations.






Along with effectively cancelling harmonic distortions, Merus active harmonic fiters are capable of solving several other power quality challenges.

The selective operation mode allows tailoring of the functionality of Merus active harmonic fiter to meet the required performance level.

Merus active harmonic fiters are easily confiurable through the HMI to improve the power factor by injecting fundamental reactive power.

Unlike conventional technologies, real time response ensures that reactive power is fed effiiently to the fast flctuating loads such as welding machines and cranes, among others. It guarantees the mitigation of voltage variations and flcker.

Load unbalancing in a 3-phase system, such as spot welding, can also be addressed with the help of Merus active harmonic fiters.



  • Active harmonic fitering
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage variation control and flcker mitigation
  • Load balancing in three-phase systems



Active Harmonic Filter Merus Power (5)Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters are built on modern 3-level topology which brings several benefis compared to other active fiters built on the
conventional 2-level topology.

In 3-level topology, the switching frequency and voltage stress are distributed among the two IGBTs.

Reduced stress extends the lifetime of the power electronics. The effiiency and lower losses achieved with 3-level topology are excellent.

These make the overall cost of ownership much lower compared to
conventional solutions.








Standard A2-series active harmonic fiter is in IP20 protection class module. Extremely compact sizeallows easy integration into variable speed drives (VFDs) or capacitor bank cubicles. Merus Power can also deliver active harmonic fiters in IP42, IP54 or others degrees of protection upon request.

Furthermore, A2-series active fiters are also available in wall-mounted design.


Merus active harmonic fiters come with several advanced features. When connected to the network,
they automatically sense the voltage and frequency, simplifying the order and delivery processes. A2-
series active harmonic fiters are also equipped with the built-in smart operation mode.

Under low load conditions,the smart operation mode automatically turns off the IGBTs and fans reducing the operational losses and extending the lifetime of the active harmonic fiters.







Unlimited scalability can easily be achieved with Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters in both; open-loop as well as closed-loop connections.

Higher harmonic compensation capacity can be achieved by adding A2-series active harmonic fiters modules in parallel without any technical limitations.

This gives flxibility to facility engineers when more loads are added in the facilities.











Pollution comes in many forms: harmonics pollute the electrical power system, and high audible noise pollutes and disturbs people working in close proximity.

Merus A2-series active fiters, enabled by 3-level topology, release the lowest possible audible noise among all active fiters. Designed with high switching frequency and special inductor core material, Merus A-2 series active fiters can be installed into spaces where silence is vital.


Merus Power offers you a wide range of active harmonic fitering solutions to meet your exact needs. Merus A2-series active fiters are available from 200V up to 480V.  Merus M-series active harmonic fiters are available in nominal voltage of 690V and 960V. M-series active fiters are powerful devices which can be used in heavy industrial applications for dynamic reactive power compensation and active harmonic fitering.






Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters are equipped with sophisticated 7” Human Machine
Interface (HMI). Commissioning of the device is simplifid and hassle free with the help of the built-in Commissioning Wizard.

When connecting the device to the network, the active harmonic fiter automatically senses the voltage and the frequency of the system.

After acknowledging the voltage and the frequency of the system, Commissioning Wizard guides the user one step at a time to parametrize the device leading to successful

Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters come with advanced and comprehensive monitoring & reporting features.

They not only effiiently fiter harmonic distortions from your electrical network but also give you comprehensive power quality report from the last 30 days. It enables before and after analysis by providing you data of harmonic distortions from both supply and load side. The device can be monitored and controlled remotely. SCADA systems can be connected to the device via Modbus TCP. The remote monitoring and controlling services open up possibilities for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.



In the manufacturing plants, the Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have extensively been used for the motor control purposes to save energy.

However, they are one of the major sources of harmonic distortions in the network. Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters can effectively cancel the harmonic distortions created by variable speed drives in industrial applications. Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters bring power quality benefis to variety of industries including the following:


• Paper industry
• Food & beverage industry
• Automotive industry
• Oil & gas industry
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Textile & clothing industry
• Steel industry
• Cement industry
• Microelectronic manufacturers
• Other industrial processes with AC or DC drives



Modern commercial buildings use equipment built with Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems which are sources of harmonic distortions.

In commercial buildings, single-phase loads cause triplen harmonics which are accumulatedin the neutral wire. A2-series active harmonic fiters are available in 4W so not only do they cancel harmonics in 3 phases but also in neutral.

• Financial institutions
• Data centers
• Scientifi laboratories
• Hospitals
• Telecommunication centers
• Airports
• Remote radar locations
• Amusement parks
• Shopping centers
• Ski resorts
• Residential buildings




Fans, pumps, compressors and other heavy loads in modern infrastructure are often fed with variable speed drives to control the motors to save energy. Harmonic distortions are signifiantly high in the presence of variable speed drives and are often exceeding the limits defied in global power quality standards and recommendations.
Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters can effectively bring the harmonic distortions to the desired limits and help comply with the standards.

• Water and waste water treatment plants
• District cooling plants
• Tunnels
• Metro stations
• Traction
• Wind & Solar farms



Dynamic loads such as welding machines and cranes, demand real time reactive power compensation to avoid voltage destabilization.

Conventional power factor correction solutions are unable to answer to this demand in real-time. Merus A2-series active harmonic fiters are versatile solutions capable of providing several functionalities. They can inject fundamental reactive power in the network in real time, ensuring stable voltage. They can also be used to remove
voltage unbalance in the network.

• Welding machines
• Cranes
• Crushers
• Winders
• Shredders
• Lifts
• Other dynamic loads

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Merus Power offers world-leading clean technology to improve power quality, energy effiiency and environmental performance. Our dynamic compensation
solutions- active harmonic fiters, UPQs, STATCOMs and SVCs – solve your power quality problems in no time. You will enjoy a swift payback on your investment:
our solutions save energy, increase productivity and lifetime of the facility. We also offer a service portfolio which spans the whole product lifecycle from power quality surveys to after sales services. We provide our clients with world-class products, reliable Finnish technology, dependable and flxible service and true co-operation.
Merus Power is a member of
Cleantech Finland.

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